Ornchiva Dish Soap Plai

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Ornchiva Dish Soap Plai is a natural extract mixed with Plai and an effective group of microorganisms with natural scents and colors. The product does not be harmful to the respiratory system and not cause any allergic reactions or irritation.  (Except those who are allergic to natural extracts only)

Benefits of Ornchiva Dish Soap Plai are as followings:

  • Helps to clean grease that may get stuck on the kitchen utensils without any chemical residue
  • Effectively get rid of fishy smell and musty smell that sticks on container
  • Able to let tablewares and glasswares dry naturally, and there is no water stains on them
  • Ingredients from Cassumunar Ginger are found to have antiseptic activity. The products have already been proven in microbiology as per the OECD Guidelines for Testing of Chemicals (2001)
  • Cut of the cycle of infection disease carrier
  • It is a natural extract that helps preserve the environment and maintain the balance of the ecosystem

Tip:     Before washing your dishes, scrape off food. Rinse greasy pots and pans in warm water. Clean all glassware, and special pieces first, saving pots and pans for last. Stack of dirty dishes are unsightly and quickly become smelly – ick! – so wash up right away.

Active Ingredients:

  • Cassumunar Ginger / Kaffir Lime
  • Pineapple / Turmeric / Soapberry
  • An Effective Microorganisms


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