Ornchiva Liquid Soap Plai

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Ornchiva Body Wash is a natural  body wash is a unique blend of plant-based ingredients and an effective microorganisms that helps to gently clean, nourish and rehydrate all skin types. To rejuvenate the skin, eliminate odor, and antibacterial without using of harsh chemicals. Raw, vegan and sustainably sourced, this soothing body wash works harmoniously with your body and the Earth.

Benefits of Ornchiva Body Soap Plai are as followings:

  • Having antioxidants that help slow down and reduce the skin wrinkles
  • This body wash gently exfoliates to reveal your healthy skin and clear blemishes
  • Making skin smooth, soft, clear and naturally look, You can feel the cleanliness, Free from sweat and body odor after using for a while
  • Cassumunar Ginger has good antibacterial and antiseptic properties, especially against acne causing infections. (Propionibacterium acnes) treat acne, reduce inflammation, swelling, red also has antioxidant effect (Preventing cell damage) and the anti-tyrosinase activity, (For white skin) as well

Active Ingredients:

  • Cassumunar Ginger / Amla Fruit
  • Kaffir Lime / Indian Laurel Leaf
  • Soapberry
  • An Effective Microorganisms


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